How Wood Pallet Recycling Works

Do you have an excess of wood pallets that are just laying around your industrial manufacturing facility, taking up space? Are you unsure about what you need to do in order to recycle them correctly? Do you know of any recycling companies who recycle wood pallets?

Most people do not know this, but wooden pallets can be reused multiple times. Once they serve their primary purpose, wooden pallets can be recycled into other valuable products. With proper maintenance, a typical wooden pallet is reusable up to nine times. What we are trying to say is, one recycled pallet does the work of nine new pallets, reducing the demand for lumber. Since there are many uses for a wooden pallet beyond its life span, there is no reason any wooden pallet should end up in a landfill.

In a time when businesses are looking for new ways to reach their sustainability and green manufacturing goals, an overlooked piece of material like wooden pallets can be a great resource as a reusable product. Here at GMR, we take pride in solving your organization’s recycling problems with our equipment and we do not leave clients without a solution.

wood pallet recycling

About the Wood Pallet Recycling Process

Problems Manufacturers Face

When manufacturing facilities receive goods and cargo on trucks the majority of those goods are placed on wooden pallets. Once the product is carried off the pallets, facilities are overrun with excess pallets.


If your manufacturing facility has excess wood pallets, don’t stress, we have a solution to your problem. GMR is a pallet recycling center that will take the necessary time to understand your needs for wood pallet recycling and provide you with a customized collection strategy that does not disrupt your current operations. Once we have a strategy in place and your wood is ready for collection, we will decide what condition your material is in. After that decision is made, we will load the material onto fixed trailers and transport them to our recycling facility.


Here at GMR, our number one goal is to provide you with a reliable service that solves your unique problems and presents you with equitable revenue sharing arrangements for whatever the service solutions are.

Pallets are 100% recyclable and there are good and bad forms of the material. The most common type of wood pallet is 48×40, which is typically the most attractive to wood pallet recyclers. These pallets have the most value on a per unit basis if they are in good condition.

What makes a pallet reusable?

At GMR we will refurbish your pallets in good condition and make them into sellable pallets for reuse. Bad pallets can be characterized as pallets that are beyond repair and these are used for surplus wood. Also, the wood is bad if there is no economic way to refurbish it. Unfortunately, there is little to no value when it comes to bad pallets, but GMR will recycle them for you. It is important to note that we will not dedicate one piece of specific equipment to collect the wood, rather we will collect the material with all other types of recyclables you might have at the time. Additionally, we ensure that your material does not end up in a landfill, which helps unwanted materials ending up in the wrong location.

For more information about how wood pallet recycling works, contact Generated Materials Recovery to find how we can solve your problem. We appreciate the opportunity to think creatively and problem solve on your company’s behalf. Pallet recycling in Phoenix and surrounding cities is just a phone call away or you can fill out an appointment request at Generated Materials Recovery to schedule a consultation today.

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