Best Industrial Recycling Solutions in Arizona

Industrial manufacturing facilities are always looking to reduce their costs or environmental impact when it comes to recycling. Most industrial plants seek recycling solutions for metal, plastic, cardboard, pallets, and reusable materials, but are unsure if they need to hire multiple recycling companies or just one to service all of their needs. As a manufacturer, it’s imperative that your recycling solutions are seamless and that they fully integrate with your existing operations.

Not only should you be interested in maximizing your revenue when it comes to your material waste, but minimizing your expense is necessary as well. When you’re looking for the best industrial recycling solutions in Arizona, it’s crucial to find a recycling company that acts as an extension of your operations.

Why Should Industrial Companies Care?

  • Reduce costs when you hire a collection company rather than on your own
  • Save resources and energy
  • Allows you to have a competitive advantage being a sustainable brand
  • Sustainability is part of a well developed corporate social responsibility plan that includes social, financial, environmental frameworks

Common Recycling Solutions for Industrial Companies


Most industrial facilities are unaware of the options available to them when it comes to industrial cardboard recycling. There are a few solutions for your cardboard, such as collecting, shredding, and baling.

Before you decide what to do with your cardboard, you must separate the material from your regular trash to save it from landfill.

If you find yourself not having enough time to worry about what to do with your cardboard then the best option available to you is to hire a local waste collection company. Due to the collection of large quantities of cardboard waste, you will save on your current disposal costs. Additionally, most waste collection companies offer to pick-up your waste, which saves you even more time and money in regards to transportation. Companies like Generated Materials Recovery have extensive knowledge in industrial cardboard recycling services and will make sure your customized recycling program stays within your budget.

If you are looking to make revenue from your cardboard waste then baling is the best option for you. When you use a baler you are compressing your cardboard waste into a compact bale. Once you have enough cardboard to sell, you can market the bales to a recycling company. Some companies pay the true market value of the material, while others look for ways to pay much less for your material.

By shredding your cardboard, you are able to reuse the scrap and make your own packaging material. This process can help save money when it comes to purchasing packaging material and it’ll free up space in your facility.


Metals are a special kind of material because they can be recycled numerous times without altering their properties. Some of the highly recycled metals include steel, aluminum, copper, lead, sheet iron, and zinc. At your facility, you might notice you have an excess of scrap metal, which could be used to sell to recycling companies for revenue.

Since metal is difficult to shred or bale, recycling companies offer to place an open top at your facility. Open tops come in various different sizes, so you must know how much metal you generate in order to receive an accurate size. Most recycling companies will assess your current operations and recommend a size for you. It’s important to note that Industrial metal recycling companies tend to pay for specific grades and commodities, which allows them to charge you whatever they want. Companies like Generated Materials Recovery will pay the true current market price, which will fluctuate depending on what the current market is. GMR can create tailored programs to fit your current industrial metal recycling needs.


As an industrial facility that produces high levels of plastic, your goal is to reduce high rates of plastic pollution by diverting plastic from landfills and unintended locations. Since plastics are durable, lightweight, and inexpensive materials, they can be molded into various different products which can be reused for different applications. The reuse, recovery, and recycling of plastics has become extremely important over the past decade in order to combat the crisis we are experiencing when it comes to plastic ending up in unintended locations.

Ongoing innovations in plastic recycling technologies have made the process much easier and more cost-effective for businesses. Just like cardboard, you have three options available to you when you want to recycle. You can hire a local waste collection company or you can shred and bale it yourself. Most people opt for hiring a local collection company because they do not have the time to sort, wash, melt and shred the material at their facility.

Find What Works Best for Your Situation

In a society where pollution is a worldwide emergency, industrial manufacturing facilities must take the necessary steps to ensure their waste is being disposed of properly. With the help of local waste collection companies like Generated Materials Recovery, industrial facilities can feel confident that their waste is accurately reused and distributed. Since there are many options available to you in regards to recycling services, you must find what is right for your business’s unique situation.

For more information about the best industrial recycling solutions in Arizona, contact Generated Materials Recovery today. Their team of experts deep industry knowledge can help you find the right solution for your material. We appreciate the opportunity to think creatively and problem solve on your company’s behalf. Help is just a phone call away or you can fill out an appointment request at Generated Materials Recovery to schedule a consultation today.


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