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Generated Materials Recycling has extensive knowledge in the business of industrial plastic recycling services spanning back over 20 years. During that time, we’ve worked with thousands of clients who have needed plastic recycling services. Each month we handle over 50 different grades of plastics in a variety of forms.

It has been our goal to provide reliable solutions to achieve sustainability goals within our community.

We recognize that waste and recycling are not your core business and will make sure our services utilize as little of your resources as possible. If your company has a need to outsource your industrial plastic recycling services and make the most of its waste, then you are our ideal client.

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Plastic Recycling Grades

These are only a few of the grades of plastic we’ve helped recycle in the past. However, we are not limited by these grades. If you have another grade of plastic you are interested in recycling and it’s not listed here, please contact us today.

At GMR we take the necessary time to understand your business recycling goals. Once those goals are understood, we will provide you with a detailed proposal for equipment, transportation, and all other commodities. We will then deliver and install equipment and set up a service schedule that best fits your business’s operation.

As a premier recycling company, we use our knowledge of grades, service requirements, and how to convert these materials into useful and marketable commodities to maximize your ROI.

How Is the Plastic Collected?


We offer maximum flexibility in terms of how the material is collected in the most efficient way possible. This means we are respectful of our clients’ parameters: your floorspace, dock space, equipment, and labor. Our recycling programs reflect the unique conditions of each client.

Once GMR has collected your waste, there are a few ways in which we can transport the materials to our recycling facility.

  • Roll off truck or tractor trailer services for compactors and open tops
  • Tractor trailer services for all types of bales of plastic
  • Staged road worthy storage trailers for collection

3 Easy Steps

GMR owns and operates its own recycling facilities around the United States. All the materials that are collected by GMR have the highest standards of safety and environmental regulatory compliance issued by the EPA. At these facilities we sort, clean, and prepare these materials for shipment up to the next step in the supply chain. We have our own fleet of trucks and tractor trailers as well as tailored logistics capabilities for your unique situation.

GMR delivers proven operational simplification and net profit improvement in just three easy steps:

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One trusted partner for all waste, recycling, and secure destruction

A single source expert for all recyclable commodities means you reduce your operating costs and risk.

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Unleash your resources for your core business

Improve plant efficiency, decrease labor spend, and optimize floor usage and dock space.

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Aligned interest in maximizing ROI

Transparent pricing formulas and fixed, fair percentage-based fees mean that as the market grows, so do your profits!

When working with GMR, you can be assured that our services are priced at market value for your materials. Though our prices will vary along with market conditions, we pride ourselves on always ensuring our clients stay true to the market. Our client-centric approach means that you never have to worry about hidden expenses or surprise costs that will be added to your service charge. We offer a transparent pricing model that provides you with a clear understanding of the economics of your recycling program.

For more information on how we can help you reduce your company waste and properly recycle your print materials, contact GMR today.

The GMR Difference – Pricing

What sets us apart from the other recycling companies is that we are client-centric and not commodity sector focused. GMR is proud to have a pricing model that is fully transparent. Since the market prices for cardboard will vary per month, GMR pays the true current market price to our clients. Our prices will fluctuate with the market and we will never charge for materials that deviate from the true market value. Beware that other recycling services are only focused on specific grades and commodities.

For more information on commercial cardboard recycling, contact Generated Materials Recovery to find the right recycling program for you. We appreciate the opportunity to think creatively and problem solve on your company’s behalf. Help is just a phone call away – contact us to schedule a consultation today.

GMR always shifts our commodity pricing along with the market. We never even have to ask.

How Can We Help You?

Fill out our contact form to schedule a time to talk with us about how GMR can help your company to increase recycling revenue, achieve sustainability goals, and meet efficiency targets.


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