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For two decades, Generated Materials Recovery has partnered with manufacturing and industrial companies to create reliable recycling solutions. In that time, the GMR team has aided numerous packaging manufacturers in reducing waste management costs and achieving sustainability goals.

At GMR, we understand that recycling is not the focus of your business processes. That’s why we ensure our packaging manufacturing recycling services use as little of your company’s resources as possible. If you are a packaging manufacturer that needs a dependable partner to manage your recycling, you are our ideal client.

By combining our team’s practical experience with in-depth industry knowledge, GMR provides each client with a recycling solution tailored to their needs.

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Recycling Grades

These are just a few examples of the grades of recyclables we have helped packaging manufacturers recycle in the past. GMR is by no means limited to only recycling these grades of materials. If you have another grade of paper, plastic or other material you’d like to recycle, contact GMR today.

At GMR, our team takes the necessary steps to understand your operation and your packaging manufacturing recycling goals. We use this understanding to craft a detailed proposal for necessary recycling equipment and the transportation and collection of all possible commodities. In addition, GMR delivers and installs on-site equipment used to prepare and collect materials for recycling. GMR also establishes a flexible service schedule that works with the needs of your operation.

How Are Materials Collected?

Before your materials can be recycled, they must be prepared for recycling. The first step in this process is to sort your recyclables by grade. Sorting your recyclables allows you to ensure each grade is isolated and prepared properly.

The equipment that GMR provides to aid you in preparing your materials for recycling and collection includes:

The method used to prepare a recyclable for packaging manufacturing recycling varies depending on the material grade. For example, plastic materials are prepared for recycling through the use of balers, compactors and other equipment. Corrugated cardboard is prepared for recycling by flattening the cardboard or compressing it into bales.


GMR provides efficient and flexible collection and transportation processes for your recyclables. We respect all aspects of your operations, from your equipment to your floor and dock space. Thus, our packaging manufacturing recycling program reflects your unique needs and environment.

After your materials have been collected, GMR uses staged roadworthy van trailers to transport your materials to our recycling facilities. GMR owns and operates recycling facilities located throughout the United States. At our recycling facility, we ensure your materials comply with safety and environmental regulatory standards. GMR then sorts, cleans and prepares your materials for the next step in the recycling process.

The GMR Difference

What makes GMR stand out from other recycling companies is the client-centric approach we bring to each client relationship. The GMR team is dedicated to creating a personalized recycling solution that addresses a client’s needs.

Additionally, GMR uses a fully transparent pricing model. As the market prices for recyclables vary each month, GMR’s prices fluctuate with the market. As a result, GMR pays every client the current market price for their recyclables.

Ready to learn more about our packaging manufacturing recycling services, contact Generated Materials Recovery at (602) 353-9411 or schedule a consultation online. Our team is enthusiastic about the opportunity to think creatively and problem-solve on your operation’s behalf.

GMR handles grades of recyclable commodities few other companies would touch, and they help us reduce our monthly expenses.

How Can We Help You?

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