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Material Recovery Facilities Recycling

Generated Materials Recovery has worked with businesses across a variety of M&I industries to provide innovative recycling solutions. We use our decades of experience and commodity marketing expertise to help our clients achieve their recycling goals.

As a material recovery facility, preparing materials for recycling is at the core of your organization. If you are in need of a partner to aid you in recycling logistics, then you are our ideal client.

With our in-depth industry knowledge and years of hands-on experience, GMR provides clients with reliable recycling solutions. When partnering with GMR, we strive to maximize your revenue while minimizing your expense when it comes to material recovery facility recycling.

Here are a few grades and types of MRF recyclables we can help you recycle:

Recycling Grades:

material recovery facility recycling

These are just a few of the material recovery facilities recycling grades that GMR has experience in recycling. By no means are we limited by these grades. If you have another grade of metal, plastic or other material that you would like to recycle, contact GMR today.

Our team at GMR takes the necessary time to understand the recycling goals of your operation. By understanding your material recovery facility recycling goals, we can create a detailed proposal to address your recycling logistics needs. This includes services such as transportation of all possible commodities and a flexible service schedule that aligns with your operations. In addition, clients have access to GMR’s commodity marketing expertise to ensure each client receives the best price for their recyclables.

How are materials collected for transportation?

GMR offers flexibility when collecting and transporting your recyclable materials. At GMR, we respect every aspect of a client’s operations, from your equipment to your floor and dock space. That’s why our material recovery recycling program reflects the unique needs of each client.

GMR uses several types of equipment to collect and transport your recyclable materials to our recycling facility:

  • Open tops
  • Staged and roadworthy van trailers
  • Flat beds

When collecting your materials, GMR provides you with open tops ranging from 15 to 50-yards. The size of the open top will vary depending on the weight of the recycled material going into the container. The larger the open top, the lighter the material it holds.

Once your materials are ready for pickup, GMR picks up your open top to transport it to our recycling facilities. GMR uses staged roadworthy van trailers and flat beds when transporting materials.

The GMR Difference

What sets GMR apart from other recycling companies is our client-centric approach. We are passionate about providing each client with a custom-tailored and reliable recycling solution. A partnership with GMR offers MRFs with one point of contact for commodity marketing for all commodity grades and responsive and reliable logistics.

In addition, GMR utilizes a transparent pricing model. Our prices for recyclables fluctuate depending on the current market prices. GMR always pays clients the current market price for their recyclables.

To learn more about our material recovery facility recycling services, contact Generated Materials Recovery. Our team is excited for the opportunity to creatively problem-solve on your organization’s behalf. Schedule a consultation by calling us at (602) 353-9411 or by visiting us online.

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