How Cardboard Core Recycling Works

As a premier recycling company, Generated Materials Recovery allows your organization to work towards your goals of sustainability and green manufacturing by providing solutions for cardboard cores. Since there are no companies that specialize in cardboard core recycling only, manufacturing facilities decide to take matters into their own hands and send the material to a landfill. This is not only harmful to the environment, but there are also missed opportunities when the material is disposed of improperly.

Cardboard cores by their nature have very little market value, due to them consisting of layers of paper held together by glue. Additionally, there is very little revenue and a lot of expense in disposing of in-house, which is why recycling service providers take a pass on the complicated material altogether.

It is a challenge, but here at GMR we are able to cost-effectively solve this problem with our equipment and we do not leave clients hanging without a solution.

How Cardboard Cores Recycling Works

Problem Manufacturers Face

Since the cores cannot be compacted efficiently, you are wasting a lot of space on a collection truck, which will have you paying really high costs for transportation. This is why disposing of cardboard cores does not have much monetary value. By the time you pay the fees for transportation, handling, etc., you will have to pay for the material to be taken away. Most people decide to send them directly to the landfill instead, which is not environmentally conscious.


Instead of the cardboard cores arriving at a landfill, we will recycle and reuse the material efficiently and effectively.


Here at GMR, we pride ourselves on solving unique problems for clients and we won’t avoid dealing with this one. GMR makes it as easy as possible to recycle the material and will pick up your cores with all other recycling commodities. Once your open tops and staged trailers reach capacity, they are transported to our facility using our fleet of trucks. We then bale the cardboard in a horizontal baler and ship them to market, usually back to the paper mills that use them. 

For more information about how cardboard recycling works, contact Generated Materials Recovery to find how we can solve your problem. We appreciate the opportunity to think creatively and problem solve on your company’s behalf. Help is just a phone call away or you can fill out an appointment request at Generated Materials Recovery to schedule a consultation today.


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