Commercial Cardboard Recycling

7 Cardboard Recycling Facts

Not surprisingly, there are many different uses for cardboard. In fact, over 90% of products in the United States are shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes.

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5 Zero Waste Companies to Learn From

5 Zero Waste Companies to Learn From When searching for new ways to make your company more sustainable, you’ve likely heard the phrase “zero-waste” or

Commercial & Industrial Plastic Recycling

Facts About Recycling Plastic 2020

Facts About Recycling Plastic 2020 There are plenty of facts about recycling plastic to consider when going green! For example, the economic benefit of recycling

Commercial & Industrial Glass Recycling

Glass Recycling Facts 2020

Glass Recycling Facts 2020 There are numerous benefits to recycling glass waste your business produces. For example, when using recycled glass, you can help cut

Commercial & Industrial Metal Recycling

How Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal Works

If your business is a large manufacturing or industrial operation, you likely produce non-hazardous waste and recyclables. While some commercial waste can go in a

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Understanding the 3 Rs of Waste Management

As our country’s population continues to grow each and every day, the amount of waste we produce steadily increases. With poor waste processes and programs

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How Lumber Recycling Works

Are you struggling to find a way to recycle the excess lumber you have laying around your industrial manufacturing facility? Is your lumber taking up

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How Cardboard Core Recycling Works

As a premier recycling company, Generated Materials Recovery allows your organization to work towards your goals of sustainability and green manufacturing by providing solutions for

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