Top 5 Commercial Recycling Companies in Arizona

Are you a business owner seeking the best possible value for your commercial recycling needs? Finding the right recycling program can be difficult, but we have compiled a list of the top commercial recycling companies in Arizona to help you along. Fortunately, there are legitimate recycling companies that exist, and several of them conduct business in Arizona.

Here is a list of the top commercial recycling companies in Arizona:

Generated Materials Recovery

Generated Materials Recovery has been a creative problem solver for manufacturing and industrial operations for more than 20 years. Their 5 step process provides reliable solutions to achieve various sustainability goals. When you choose Generated you will receive a detailed plan for your waste needs in a quick and timely manner. They recognize that waste and recycling are not your core business and will make sure our services utilize as little of your resources as possible. Generated understands that the overall longterm goal is to maximize revenue and minimize expense. They ultimately care about what happens inside your organization and your overall waste success.

Here are a few of the services Generated Materials Recovery specializes in:

Northwest Polymers

At Northwest Polymers, they provide the complete ‘green’ solution to the plastic waste disposal needs of the industrial and commercial sectors. They are committed to responsible waste disposal by recycling unwanted plastics into premium-grade resins for use in the production of second-generation plastic products. Northwest Polymers provides a waste plastic disposal solution that is not only environmentally responsible but is reliable, cost-effective and convenient for both ends of the recycling spectrum.

Consolidated Resources

Consolidated Resources Incorporated leads the way in commercial and industrial recycling. They have been proudly serving the Arizona manufacturing community for nearly 30 years and take great pride in their reputation. They provide their customers with unmatched customer service, and they believe that is what has allowed them to grow to where they are today. Consolidated understands every manufacturing environment is unique and tailors your recycling program to your businesses specific needs.

Jepco Commercial Recycling Resources

Jepco Commercial Recycling Resources mission is to offer the highest ethical standards in the industry by assuring transparency throughout all business transactions, motivating recycling by increasing byproduct revenue paybacks and providing education toward the values within waste streams. At Jepco, they will custom tailor a recycling program designed to meet your unique service needs while maintaining your environmental objectives.

Recycle 1

Recycle 1 is the company for businesses to trust with converting today’s waste into tomorrow’s products. They recycle paper and plastic as well as non-standard materials and by-products. When you choose Recycle 1 they will work with you to perform waste and recycling audits, which involves closely reviewing a work location’s overall waste stream to identify materials that can be recycled. This analysis will provide information for us to design a comprehensive recycling program customized to meet your company’s needs.

For more information on the best commercial recycling companies in Arizona, contact Generated Materials Recovery to find the right recycling program for you. We appreciate the opportunity to think creatively and problem solve on your company’s behalf. Help is just a phone call away or you can fill out an appointment request at Generated Materials Recovery to schedule a consultation today.


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