The Top 10 Aluminum Recycling Centers Helping Your Business Go Green

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment is by recycling aluminum. Recycling centers across the country offer a valuable service that makes it easier for businesses, individuals, and schools to do their part. Having this service available doesn’t just benefit the environment but also helps businesses save money on aluminum recycling prices.

That’s why we have prepared a list of the top 10 aluminum recycling centers that are helping your business go green. Each of these centers offers great services and options for those looking to recycle their aluminum and other metals.

What Do Aluminum Recycling Centers Do?

Aluminum recycling centers help businesses recycle aluminum cans, foil, scrap metal, and other metals that can be repurposed. In addition to offering drop-off services for aluminum materials, these centers also offer pickup services for larger amounts of aluminum.

The process of aluminum recycling is simple. First, the material is sorted and weighed to determine its value. Then, it’s transported to a facility where it’s shredded into small pieces for easy transport. From there, the pieces are sent to a smelter, where they are melted down and molded into new products.

At the end of the process, aluminum materials are transformed into new products that can be used again. This reduces the amount of waste created and helps reduce emissions from landfills. Aluminum recycling prices vary depending on the type of aluminum and its condition, but they generally cost in the range of $0.50 – $2.00 per pound.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 aluminum recycling centers helping your business go green.

10 Best Aluminum Recycling Centers in the U.S.

These centers have been chosen based on their quality of service, customer reviews, and aluminum recycling prices.

1. Generated Materials Recovery

This facility, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, offers top-notch aluminum recycling services and commercial waste reduction services for manufacturing and industrial businesses. The company’s services are tailored to meet your company’s needs as they provide pick-up, drop-off, and curbside aluminum collection. They also offer competitive aluminum recycling prices that make it easy to save money while helping companies reach sustainability goals.

GMR is renowned for its swift and responsive customer service, quality products, and reliable services. Boasting hundreds of open tops, balers, compactors, and densifiers as part of its inventory — plus the competence to operate a fleet of tractor-trailers & roll-off trucking on demand — GMR can help you stay ahead with ease.

2. ABC Metals

This aluminum recycling center specializes in drop-off services for large and small quantities of aluminum materials. It offers competitive aluminum recycling prices and has a fast turnaround time. ABC Metals also offers pick-up services for companies in the area that need to recycle large quantities of aluminum materials.

3. Alcoa Recycling Centers

Alcoa is devoted to environmental protection and community development, all the way from extracting raw materials up through the production of finished metals. Before any excavation can take place in bauxite mines, the company focuses intently on rehabilitation efforts first. The carbon dioxide intensity produced by Alcoa’s alumina processing is far lower than other producers worldwide. Furthermore, a major portion of its aluminum products is generated thanks to renewable energy sources.

4. Evergreen Recycling Solutions

Evergreen Recycling Solutions is a LEED-accredited Material Recovery Facility and Transfer Station focused on providing Construction & Demolition solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Based in New Jersey, its services are available for businesses in the Northeast region of the United States. The company offers competitive aluminum recycling prices and has a fast turnaround time.

5. B&B Recycling

If you are looking to get rid of your unwanted steel, aluminum (even cans), brass, copper, and other scrap metal items in Ohio, then B&B Recycling is the company for you. The business pays customers top dollar for their metals. Additionally, it purchases salvage cars, trucks, and farm machinery as well. However, do keep in mind that precious metals are not accepted at B&B Recycling.

6. Eco Recycling Systems

Established in Brockton and owned by the same family since its founding, Eco Recycling Systems has been providing outstanding scrap metal services for years. The business accepts all kinds of metal, such as steel, cast iron, light iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel. Eco Recycling Systems also purchases wire electric motors too. Need containers or trucks? You can select from temporary or permanent roll-off containers that come in various sizes.

7. Umicore Recycling Center

Umicore is a pioneer in materials technology and recycling, using its abilities to decrease hazardous discharges while breathing new life into reused metals. Umicore has held fast to its mission of making sustainable value since day one by creating and producing recyclable products that can make an immense difference in people’s lives all over the world. 

The company has been around for more than two centuries, beginning with numerous mining and smelting companies uniting under ambitious objectives to become what it is now.

8. Sims Metal Management

Sims Metal is a leader in the scrap metal industry, with over 200 facilities across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australasia that specializes in buying and processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The company provides an array of services, including dismantling & demolition, certified destruction, collection & transport logistics, marine service & repair as well as purchasing scrap materials from businesses or individuals. Sims Metal is a member of California’s Metal Recycling Coalition.

9. Cohen

Established nearly a century ago in 1924, Cohen is now one of the most expansive ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling companies not only throughout North America but worldwide. It offers industrial recycling, drive-thru recycling, and electronics recycling, among others. Cohen is known for its commitment to sustainability, especially when it comes to aluminum recycling.

10. Novelis

As the largest producer of flat-rolled aluminum products and recycler in the world, Novelis offers cutting-edge solutions to customers from the aerospace and automotive industries, beverage can companies, and other unique markets. With an extensive network of technologically advanced rolling and recycling sites spread across North America, South America, Europe and Asia; Novelis utilizes its global production power to provide high-quality services around the globe.

These top 10 aluminum recycling centers offer excellent services and competitive aluminum recycling prices. They have established a sustainable and efficient system to provide customers with reliable and cost-effective aluminum recycling services.

Find a Reliable Aluminum Recycling Partner in GMR

Recycling aluminum materials is a great way to help the environment and reduce landfill waste. Make sure to find an aluminum recycling center that can meet your needs and provide excellent services. If you are in Arizona or surrounding areas, Generated Materials Recovery (GMR) is one of the top aluminum recycling centers specializing in commercial and industrial aluminum recycling. GMR offers competitive aluminum recycling prices and is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

Contact GMR today to find out how we can help your company manage your recycling needs!


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