Mixed Rigid Plastics Recycling Guide: Process, Benefits & More

rigid plastics recycling

Plastic can be difficult to recycle, especially when you’re unsure of what grades are recyclable and how you go about properly handling each type. One such material that raises the question, “Is this recyclable?” is mixed rigid plastic (MRP). The short answer to this question is yes. Keep reading to learn more about this grade of plastic and how MRP recycling works.

What is Mixed Rigid Plastic?

MRP refers to a mix of durable plastics used to create products that can withstand a certain level of pressure. Examples of rigid plastics include:

  • Lawn chairs
  • Laundry baskets
  • Tupperware
  • Buckets
  • Toys

With such widespread use of MRP, it’s important to know how to properly recycle it. Since this plastic is built to withstand time and pressure, it doesn’t break down quickly. Without proper recycling or disposal, these items will sit in landfills indefinitely. Choosing MRP recycling protects the environment and invites the opportunity for new materials to be made.

Material recovery facilities such as Generated Materials Recovery (GMR) have perfected the process of rigid plastics recycling over the years. We know just how to properly sort and process MRP to safely dispose of or reuse this material. Read on to learn more about this process and the price of MRP recycling.

Rigid Plastics Recycling Process

When it comes to rigid plastics recycling, there are two primary steps that must be taken to ensure proper disposal. Once the material has been collected from a residence or business, it will be brought to a material recovery facility. From there, the processing can begin.

Regardless of material, all recyclables must first be sorted to remove any contaminants that should not be processed. Since MRP is a combination of plastics, it will be further sorted by polymer type. Once cleaned and separated, it can move to the processing stage.

In the processing stage, plastic is then broken down. Depending on the type of equipment available and the grade of plastic, a material recovery facility may choose to shred or melt the remaining material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between regular and rigid plastic?

Before you move forward in the recycling process, it’s best to understand the difference in the types of plastic you encounter. MRP is often a studier and more durable plastic, whereas regular plastic is much more malleable. If you attempt to bend a child’s toy, it’s much less likely to give than a plastic water bottle.

What is the pricing for MRP recycling?

Pricing for rigid plastics recycling will vary depending on the grade of plastic and the current market value. The best method for determining price is to contact material recovery facilities and inquire about their most recent pricing for the types of material you have.

How do I send my MRP to a materials recycling facility?

For residential areas, you’ll need to contact your local recycling center to learn how to properly handle your recycling. For businesses such as manufacturers, you’ll want to contact a nearby facility and create a recycling plan. This will include the necessary equipment to collect and transport your materials.

Why GMR?

Manufacturing and industrial businesses in search of a recovery facility should look no further than GMR. For over 20 years, GMR has provided sustainable solutions for businesses dealing with large amounts of recycling.

When working with GMR, you won’t need to worry about equipment or transportation. Our facility offers all of the rigid plastics recycling equipment for your business. If you plan to remove recycling onsite, we’ll send the proper transportation to your business to collect the materials. As your needs change, we can adjust your plan and deliver equipment that continues to meet your business needs.

Ready to get started with MRP recycling? Contact us today at  (602) 353.9411 to create your plan and receive equipment!

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